Two women. Two cities. Used, abused...but powering through.

Leaves and Shoes, Love Sam

Dear Charlie,

First, I was totally remembering today how we used to take those fall Illinois walks through the mounds of leaves that would pile up everywhere. We would look above us and it was as if the sky was mimicking the ground. Leaves flying everywhere. If we listened to something other than our own banter, we could here the squawking of hundreds of geese and the buzzing of insects. You always hated that part. Ha. Listen to me talking like you’re dead! You’re not dead. Just way too far away! Oh! Remember how then, as the sun would drop and the fireplaces would blaze and the sun would set with such glory, the sky would turn shades of vibrant orange and pink and yellow? So gorgeous. We’d talk about movement class or the super-objectives of the characters we were exploring. We’d discuss rehearsals or thesis-deadlines or Meisner technique independent activity ideas. Ha. We’d commiserate about relationship woes or family dramas. Man. I miss your freakin’ face.

Oh and Second…do gold or silver strappy heels go better with a navy blue cocktail dress?

Bye Friend,