Two women. Two cities. Used, abused...but powering through.

Camping is for the BUGS


Ok, so you know I love Jake. I love him so much. But, for the love of Sweet Baby Jesus, how many times do I have tell him I AM NOT CAMPING WITH HIM EVER.  Nature is so beautiful through the window of a bug-free, temperature controlled building.  Why would I want to ruin that? Why doesn't he understand? And I know, I know – he does all this awesome stuff for me. And I am so so grateful.  And I want to do the same for him. I really really do. And I think I would just about anything for him. Just NOT camping.  Bugs, peeing outside, sleeping outside, cooking over OPEN FLAME….I mean that’s just dangerous! We are an advanced society. We have evolved so that we don’t have to do these things.  We (speaking as a species, of course. I have no idea how to do these things) have learned to build shelter to dwell in. We have gas and electricity to cook and illuminate our books at night. We have flushing toilets.  Why oh why would we want to spend the weekend living in the Stone Age without these modern amenities? The old ways of living suck. Spending a perfectly good weekend “hunting and gathering” when we could be ordering food from upscale restaurants delivered directly to our couch while we binge watch The Jinx on HBO in clean stretchy pants just seems INSANE. Maybe you could fly out and go with him? Lol. Be honest with me, am I being a horrible girlfriend? Keep in mind I just ordered him the NHL package so that we can watch EVERY one of the 225 Blackhawks game (I don’t actually know how many games are in a hockey season, but I know it goes on forever.) Ooh, doorbell, dinner’s here.  Gotta go.

Miss you’re freaking face!