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Why Hair'z There

Dear Sam,

I am happy to announce that I officially have no hair under my arms. Yay! However, I do have a drought-saving, endless water supply. What do we have to thank for this eco-system-saving gift? Laser hair removal. I’m going to write an article about it called, “How Groupon Saved The Planet.”

What doesn’t make sense is I only found one mention of this side-effect on the internet. One. The internet! I searched “ugly man buns” (just cuz) and found 247,000

results! But one about a side effect of an extremely frequent procedure?   So, I must be really special. I found out that most laser hair removal kills sweat glands. My glands are apparently very strong and fight back against the enemy that is the laser. Well done glands! So, now I don’t have hair under my arms but I do have constant, sexy, sweat stains. In a tank top I look amazing...but don’t get too close! So my advise to you is, if the idea is to be more appealing, pick up a pack of razors at your local CVS!

Love your face,