Two women. Two cities. Used, abused...but powering through.



Oh my gosh, I just saw two small children (not more than 3) pass each other on the crosswalk. They were with their respective parents of course. What was amazing was the pure and utter joy they each experienced at seeing another person their size. There were exuberant smiles, waving, laughter and jumping for joy. I laughed out loud in my car in pure delight. What would the world look like if we all greeted each other that way? Actually, it would look like the hallway of any Theatre School building. Ha! Man, I miss that. 

The other day I passed an elderly man and said, “good afternoon sir.” He didn’t even acknowledge me. Not a head-nod or anything. As I recovered from that snub, I was nearly steam-rolled by a teenager text-walking with his headphones in.

At what age do we stop acknowledging each other? I can’t decide what I’d rather believe; that life kills our delight in each other, or that some people are just assholes. Well, I’m glad you’re not one. I would totally jump up and down if I saw you in the crosswalk!

Miss your face,